Our mission is to help small organizations
with digital marketing

our packages

  • Social media management
    • Our packages start at $300 per month for social media management
      • 2 - 3 posts per week on up to 3 platforms: $300/month
      • 4 - 5 posts per week on up to 3 platforms: $400/month
    • All of our SMM packages include:
      • Management of social media marketing campaigns and day-to-day activities
      • Creation of relevant, high-quality content
      • Custom posts each week geared for your customers and prospective customers. 
      • All content and graphics are included and built for your brand.
      • Advocacy for your business in social media spaces, engaging in dialogues and answering questions where appropriate. 
      • Monitoring of online reviews, and creation and execution of response plan.
      • Analytics and reporting to ensure effective campaigns for maximum results.
  • Email
    • We recommend that companies connect with their prospective, current, and past clients by email at least once a month
      • $60/email
  • Google AdWords
    • AdWords is a great way to reach new clients. We will write ads, actively monitor and make performance improvements, and provide weekly performance reports. We will bill you the direct ad cost, plus our creation and management fee:
      • $100 per (up to) $1,000 in ad spend.
      • Example: You spend $300 on ads each month, the management cost is $100. Your total cost is $400. 
      • Example: You spend $1,500 on ads each month, the management cost is $200. Your total cost is $1,700.
  • Included:
    • Everything we do is as turn-key as you'd like. We do all of our own graphics and writing. You can have as much, or as little, input as you'd like.

If these are options are outside of your budget, we offer a DIY social media program. Check out Compass.

What to expect

So. You're ready, it's time to get started. Now what? 


  • There is a $100 one-time on-boarding fee (due before we start work)
    • We work with you to ensure that we have access to all of your accounts
    • We'll need any and all branding files that you have (logos, specific colors you like, other things you've had created for your business). We want your social media to be aligned with the rest of your business.
  • On-boarding typically takes about two weeks.

Once a week

  • You'll get an email from us every week that includes:
    • The information on the activity for the past week
      • The top social posts
      • The performance of emails
      • AdWords information
    • The information on the activity for the upcoming week
      • This email includes everything - all of the graphics, posts, emails, etc.
      • You'll let us know if you have any changes or feedback, if we don't hear from you, we'll post "as is"

Once a month

  • A scheduled 30 minute meeting: We like to connect with you over the phone or Skype to talk about how the previous month went and if there is anything new and exciting coming up for your business
  • You'll receive your invoice from us on the first of every month, they are due net 15.


  • We're always here to answer any questions that you have. Don't hesitate to ask.
  • If someone posts something to your social media account (reviews, comments, questions), we'll do our best to answer for you , but if there is something that we don't know the answer to (or if there is a customer service/product) issue, we will send those to you as soon as we see them (and always within 12 hours). 

Social media is about more than selling things, or getting likes. It’s about bringing your company’s relationships into the digital space. Social media lets people get to know you - creating brand preference and loyalty, as well as community, ultimately leading to increased sales.
— Anne, Founder of Anneomaly Digital