Our mission is to help small organizations
with digital marketing

Why Us

Because we're awesome.

We have over 15 years of digital marketing experience and have helped dozens of businesses tackle their digital marketing and wrestle the online beast into submission. 

After talking with a number of small businesses who weren't able to afford the high cost of marketing agencies, we wanted to create a digital marketing offering that would provide businesses the social media and email support that they needed, without the typical costs of hiring an agency.

Everyone who works at Anneomaly Digital (all 3 of us) grew up with parents who owned and ran their own small businesses, and we're a small business ourselves - we want to help people be successful. 

Social media is about more than selling things, or getting likes. It’s about bringing your company’s relationships into the digital space. Social media lets people get to know you - creating brand preference and loyalty, as well as community, ultimately leading to increased sales.
— Anne, Founder of Anneomaly Digital


Our marketing plans start at $300/month.