Yes, it is that time again! Get Your Holiday Spirit On!

If the trees and the weather haven’t painted the picture that the holidays are around the corner, the stores surely have, and the holidays mean, shopping.  Whether they want to be or not, consumers will shop ten times as much as they do the rest of the year. According to U.S. News & World Report, the holiday months can account for 20-40% of retailers’ yearly sales. That means, you and your business need to use social media and the holidays to kick up your marketing campaign.  

One of the best parts about the holidays are those sites and sounds, twinkling lights, carolers, and the smell of cinnamon. So, you can’t really recreate the smells but adding great photos that get your audience in the mood can make your marketing pop! Include holiday visuals into your social media headings, photos, landing pages and postings. Decorate your social media like Clark Griswold (you know, you have always wanted to). And we have a present for you! We created a bunch of holiday Facebook headers for you - you can download them here.

Do it now!  Yes, most people complain that the stores have started to stock their shelves with holiday décor before Halloween, but the fact is, that is how it is.  So, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Start now–-develop a timeline and a list of content topics that would be good for your customer base and for generating new customers during the holidays.  Consider creating content that isn’t necessarily centered around your product or service but is meeting the needs of your customers. And, do it now! As you know, the holidays are crazy--create now, post later.

Giveaways, coupon codes, and sweepstakes are a must during the holidays. Consider what kind of sales you can and want to offer. Consider a coupon code or a sweepstakes for the holidays. Even if you offer a service or product that isn’t used during the winter months, you can still use the holidays to build your customer base.  Hold a sweepstakes where the winner gets free lawn fertilization in the spring. As they say, it is better to give than to receive.

Another way to give, if you haven’t already, is to consider adding a philanthropic element to your business and to your holiday sales. What about donating a portion of your holiday revenue to an organization in need?. It is a win-win-win proposition. Almost 90% of customers have expressed that they would change brands and businesses if they were given an alternative with a similar price and quality that likewise supported a local organizations/people in need.

The holidays are a great opportunity to boost your business and your social media campaigns and followers.  The key is to plan ahead and get a jump on the competitors. Plan your posts, keep it festive, give to receive, and ultimately, be the merriest!