Increasing Sales with Content Marketing

Now that you have developed a nice following to your social media channels, and you have them engaged, it’s time to go for the big win!  

Can I get a Tweet, Tweet!

Twitter can be your best friend.  Your customers expect you to connect with them and connect often, so utilize this platform to call them to action!  Don’t just put a link to your website, put a link that goes right to the point of sale where they can get just what you have to offer. Convince them that today is the day to make the purchase and incentivize it with a nice little discount by mentioning your twitter content.  You can also get your followers to help you generate more sales by retweeting for a bigger discount!

Turn your Friends into Buyers

If you are utilizing Facebook with paid advertising, you must take advantage of the freebies.  One of the free to partner perks to add is a “Shop Now” button to each of your posts. This option is free to all paying Facebook customers and one that I must say I use quite regularly.

If you are still utilizing Facebook the old-fashioned way, you can still put a call to action in your content by posting a link to your site and giving customers an incentive to shop today.  

Instantly get Sales with Instagram

With Instagram you can drive sales by using images of your product whether it is farm equipment or a financial portfolio package.  You can do a fun promotion where you zoom in on a product and have customers guess what it is for a chance at a prize or a discount.  Whatever you do, in the description you need to give them a call to action and a way to connect to your product/service links so that they can make purchases easily.

While there isn’t a hyperlink on Instagram, you can provide an address to cut and paste or you can direct them to your Bio where you can change the product links as you see fit.  When you are having a big sale on your snowplows, change the bio page link to go directly to the products that they most need!

Have you considered Pinterest?

This platform is a favorite among many women, and there are a lot of men that have tapped into its potential as well.  The cool thing is you can share your products and services, and when customers see something they like they will click on the image.  You can have the image linked directly to your buying options page on your website or whatever page you desire them to see. You already have the photos for your other accounts, so why not?

Making sales is what you are in the business of doing, so now, rather than working harder, work smarter.  A few quick tweets to your social media marketing can direct customers right to where they need to be! P.S. Allowing customers to pay with services like Paypal or Apple Pay is SMART – customers don’t even have to get up to get their wallets.  Bring on the profits!