Digital newsletters: simple, effective, affordable

One of the best digital marketing campaign strategies is a digital newsletter.  A newsletter does an amazing job of helping you to connect with your customers and has a high return on investment (little time and minimal monetary investment).  Think about some of the newsletters you receive in your mailbox. What makes one good versus another? Which ones do you regularly read, and which ones do you delete?  Marketers and businesses around the globe follow a few guiding principles that will help you to turn your newsletter into a sensation while avoiding the trashcan. And, ultimately, the newsletter will help you to connect with your loyal customers, promote your brand, and generate sales/contracts.

One of the big advantages of a newsletter is it helps you stay connected to your customers without forcing you to create content on such a constant basis.  A newsletter can be monthly, bi-monthly, or if you are really ambitious and have tons of time and energy, then you can do one weekly. Frankly, any more often than that and you have a blog, and that is a whole different animal.  So, get on the newsletter bandwagon which yields high dividends with minimal time and money.


Great format that is readable and aesthetically appealing is important.  There are different online services out there with a number of free templates in conjunction with a contract for mail delivery and other services. Of course, there are also agencies and marketing individuals that will help you design a template that is perfect for your industry and customer demographic.  You also want a format that works well with mobile devices. 


A great headline is essential.  Be honest but find a creative, engaging way to share the main concepts in your newsletter.  The headline is critical to your customers and the difference maker between your customers opening up your newsletter or sending it to the trash.  Appeal to your reader’s emotions, questions and interests. Make the newsletter about them


Determine a theme for your newsletter to make the content cohesive.  For example, items and issues that connect with a season, a new product line, a bunch of services that are needed during this particular time of year are great themes.  If you are a landscaping company, you can provide tips for homeowners to do their own clean-up while also providing a call to action for those individuals who would rather have you do the work rather than do it themselves.   If you are a t-shirt company, share the benefits of different materials for different types of weather and activities, then convince them that you have just what they need. If you are a masseuse, mention the many benefits of massage after fall activities including raking and winterizing their home.  The theme possibilities are endless, but consider the information your customers want and need, and connect it to a call to action with your products and services.  

Two-Way Communication

Give your customers an opportunity to communicate back!  Everyone needs validation and a voice. Building a following for your brand, products, services is one important goal of your newsletter, and the way to build a good relationship is providing an opportunity for two-way dialogue.  Also add a simple form for feedback so your customers can connect!

Coupons, Discounts, Incentives

Give your customers an audience an incentive for reading your newsletter by always providing a discount for a product or a service.  Connecting the offer to the subject line of your email can be a good sales technique as well. This call to action should be part of every single newsletter.  Sales are, after all, the end goal for sending out the newsletter in the first place. Providing direct links or selection buttons to make sales or appointments is an important addition to every newsletter. 

Check out the website

Make sure your newsletter gives a shout out to your website so that your customers can go check out everything you have to offer as well as find pertinent information like hours, location, and most importantly, links to make sales and appointments.

Seal with a kiss

End the newsletter with a gesture of thanks and an invitation to connect on a monthly basis via the newsletter and even more often through the website.

Don’t make this marketing strategy too hard. Write a newsletter that shares yourself, your passion, your products and your services, and the right customers will likely become your followers and friends.