4 Tips for Swimming to the Top with Social Media

Now that you have taken the plunge into the deep end of social media, it is important to avoid drowning, because drowning is bad, real bad.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind, to not only stay afloat, but to make sure your social media strategy is a winner like Michael Phelps and not at the bottom of the lake “swimming with the fishies.”

Keep focused on your audience.  Creating content, including captions and images, that generate interest for your demographic are key to keeping them engaged.  Keep your postings visually and mentally appealing while still remaining purposeful. Likewise, no one likes an ego-maniac. Make sure your content is all about your audience and their needs, not all about you.  Talking constantly about your business and services will grow monotonous pretty darn quick. Pepper your posts with “you” but just enough to keep your name and your abilities on the tip of their tongues - we say "use the 80/20 rule". 

And, while your opinion does matter; your social media isn’t the place to air any controversial thoughts, unless that's something that is really important to you. We work with a client who uses their social media channels to have passionate exchanges about a number of things affecting their industry - but that tactic isn't for everyone. 

Don't be irritating.  Don’t overload people’s social media with so much that it makes them not only want to unfollow you but to literally go jump in a lake. Content has to follow a “Goldilocks” method of not too little, not too much while being posted at the right time. If you post too often, you run the risk of people unfollowing you; on the flip side, if you post too little, your audience might not remember who you are. Or if you don't post hardly at all, or not at all, they might thing you've gone out of business.  Therefore, by consulting with experts in the field (that's us), you can generate an editorial calendar that is perfect for propelling your business and brand versus dragging it under.  

Be on time! Timing is important in most areas of life and your social media posts are no different. Some can relate to checking our social media accounts late at night and falling asleep before making it through 10 posts, while others may check their accounts before rolling out of bed in the morning and everything is old news.  Fortunately, with tools like Facebook Insights, your dilemma is solved because it informs you when your demographic accesses their social media accounts most frequently.

Remember that it's about the conversation. To keep afloat, make sure that you are responding to audience feedback and questions.  Giving them the ability to communicate is important in building trust and longevity with your brand. But, giving them the ability while not giving them the feedback will eventually backfire.  Make sure you respond to questions, comments, and criticism. You will stockpile the brownie points and make loyal customers. Therefore, develop a routine for checking and responding to audience feedback.

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming” and let Anneomaly Digital help you. Navigating the social media waters can seem overwhelming but keeping these tips in mind will help you to swim safely, productively, and on your way to the social media gold medal podium.