7 Tips for Taking Better Pictures for Social Media

Pictures and graphics are no longer an option for your social media strategy, they're essential to your posts and plan. So how do you put the very best picture forward? You can use a few of these tips we curated just for you

Good photos are food for the eyes!

To ensure that your photos are social media worthy, you can use a few of these tips: 

Tip 1 – Photo Edit. Download some photo editing tools and/or apps so that your, not so perfect, photos can be magically turned into art. We love PicMonkey and Canva, but there are SO many options out there, find your favorite. This research study on Facebook images found that images that had higher engagement on Facebook tended to have these four qualities in common: brightness, clarity, liveliness, and ingenuity.

Tip 2 – Rule of thirds.  In the art world, there is the rule of thirds.  It means that a picture is visually more appealing when you divide the photographed area into thirds and the subject of the picture is either at one-third or two-thirds both vertically and horizontally.  Likewise, by putting the subject in one of the thirds, the viewer has to take more time to see the whole composition of the photo. (In other words, artists want their audiences to linger on and in their work).

Screenshot 2019-03-18 15.08.21.png

Tip 3 – Break the rule of thirds.  If you are doing headshots of people, they need to be centered vertically in order to not be cut off when you utilize them on most common social media channels.  (Otherwise, decapitation - ew). Need headshots for your own business? We definitely recommend hiring a professional.

Tip 4 - Use body parts, or nobody at all. Research by Convince & Convert tells us that images showing partial body parts (like a hand) earned 29% more likes than images with a person and 10% more likes than images without a person. Buuttt… They also found that images without a person earn 124% more shares than images with people and 15% more shares than images showing partial body. Why? Well, because it helps people visualize themselves in the situation or using the product, they can picture themselves IN the picture.

Tip 5 – Be Artistic.  Take your photos from above or below.  Capturing an image from an angle that is unique can make your photos more engaging and interesting. This goes back to ingenuity from Tip #2..

Tip 6 – Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.  There are so many filters and editing tools on your phone.  They are wonderful! But, don’t go overboard.  Too much can overload the message and distort the meaning of your visual.

Tip 7 – Light Behind Your Wings.  Keep the light behind you when you take photos to create the best visuals.  Remember that natural light is the best for photographs.

No squirrels, unless, of course, they are relevant

The picture of your neighbor’s squirrel is cute, but is it relevant? Spend some time thinking about what images you could use that make a connection between your customers and your company.  If that squirrel is your favorite office squirrel and he visits everyday, then you share every picture you can of his FURRY SELF. Same goes for office pets, man I love office pets, and it shares a bit about who you are with your customers. Other examples? If you have a spa, images that evoke relaxation like a waterfall, or nature will help customers to link your business with those images and emotions.

Do you hate taking photos?

No worries!  There are stock photo sites that offer free photos!  Some of the sites have limited inventory especially if you are looking for something very specific. So, if you want the ease of being able to use any of a site’s photos you can purchase a subscription. They range from $16 a month to $100 a month, or you can buy photos individually. ShutterStock and istockphoto.com are two of the more commonly used sites.  

Get out your phones and take photos of your business, your services, your employees, your satisfied customers, your products. Channel your inner-artist, your inner-child and get creating some simple yet powerful images that can make your business soar.