Facebook Insights for Small Businesses

Every legit business these days has a Facebook page (or at least they should), but if you don’t know how much impact your page is having, it may not really be doing your business any good.  Fortunately, Facebook Insights is a marketing tool provided to businesses utilizing Facebook.

Facebook Insights

With its help, small business owners can assess how much impact their Facebook marketing plan is impacting their business.  This quick and dirty explanation of the data provided by Facebook Insights will help empower and encourage you to use this tool to ensure that you are achieving exactly what you need and desire to achieve with your Facebook page.

  1. Facebook Overview – this is a synopsis of how your page is doing.  It is the quick and pertinent info you need to determine if Facebook is making an impact. It shows results from any paid ads and allows you to launch new promotions. And, it shows you the results, including targeting, reach, and engagement, from your last five posts.  In addition, the overview will give you comparison data from like-minded Facebook pages.

  2. Likes – if you have a consistent schedule of checking these numbers you can see how they are changing and growing from time period to time period (benchmarking your progress). The data will also give you feedback on where your likes are coming from and when they are spiking or not spiking.

  3. Reach – this data will give you details concerning reactions, shares, feedback, comments and recommendations as well as statistics for the amount of people who engaged with an activity from your Facebook page.  Also, you can analyze the kinds of actions you hope not to receive (a.k.a. unlikes, hides, and spam).

  4. Page views – These numbers will give you insight into the sources and number of people who are viewing your site.  Most importantly, it can tell you whether your content is reaching the audience that you are hoping it will reach.  

  5. Actions on Page – the data on this page will help you to determine who is using your Facebook page to connect to your website, to call you, or to hit on any actions you have on your page.  You can evaluate it by time period to help specify the information.

  6. Posts – Use these numbers for analyzing your content on Facebook.  It helps you to determine when your followers are online and accessing your content as well as helps you evaluate which types of post are most popular. It is broken down into days and hours of the week!

  7. People – the data gives you even more information about your followers (demographics) and their engagement (who has the content reached).  Ultimately, it helps you to specialize your content to that audience or can give you insight into how to redirect your content in order to bring in more and different fans.

  8. Messages – This is a great tool for you to use to communicate with your followers and likewise, help you to keep track of those interactions and how you have handled them. In addition, you can display your response rate which gives your followers up-to-date information on when they can expect a response from you.

It may seem scary, most new things are!  But, don’t be scared, check out Facebook Insight; you’ll be glad you did. It is one of the best and easiest tools that a small business can have to analyze the effectiveness of their content.  Once you navigate this tool and establish a baseline, you will be able to quickly utilize it to give you some helpful data to direct and redirect your Facebook marketing plan!

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