Six Habits for Increasing Your Creativity

Marketing and running your own business requires creativity and inspiration; along with creativity, it takes time, research, continuous growth, and hard work.  But where does that creativity and inspiration come from? Many creatives credit a beautiful or handsome muse as their inspiration, but sometimes you just don’t have time to wait for a magical, possibly mythical muse. The good news is, there are some habits that you can adopt that will get your creative juices flowing.

Habit #1

Whenever you are on the phone, in a meeting, or just hanging out, doodle.  It’s a proven fact that doodling helps the synapses in your brain connect and fire.  Firing up your brain is a surefire way to get those creative juices flowing and stir up those feel good endorphins.

Habit #2
Connect with others

Find time to connect with other entrepreneurs.  There are a number of think tanks starting up all over.  These are great places to foster some inspirational conversations and potentially glean some great ideas from others.  Likewise, check with your small business collective, chamber of commerce, and any other organizations helping small businesses about potential speakers, informational meetings, and other opportunities to share ideas with fellow businesspeople.

Habit #3
Use that media

There are so many inspirational videos and podcasts out there.  Try finding content from one of your favorite speakers. Goalcast is a great one that shares the amazing journeys of former Presidents, artists, actors, Pulitzer Prize winners, you name it.  Spending time absorbed in the success stories of others is sure to inspire you with motivation, ideas, and new goals.

Habit #4
Be ready when inspiration hits

Make sure that you always have a place to jot down the thoughts and ideas that pop into you head at random times.  A lot of creativity is lost because people don’t have something handy to take record of those thoughts. Having a notebook in your car, in your purse or computer bag, and definitely by your bedside will ensure those great fleeting thoughts don’t flee for good.

Habit #5
Shake your groove thing

Not only will physical movement improve your health and well-being, but it has also been proven to help with inspiration and creativity. I’m a huge fan of riding my bike mid-day. The increased blood flow increases brain power. Along with moving your body, playing brain games can help with inspiration and help you generate more ideas!  Try putting together a puzzle or playing the Lumosity app.

Habit #6
Do nothing, hear nothing, see nothing

Solitude and quiet are actually very good for developing creativity and for giving oneself the break needed in order to get inspired.  Many creatives claim that when they want to or need to be inspired they search for peace and tranquility so that the ideas have a place to blossom.  When they are immersed in constant stimuli and noise, the creative ideas are silenced.

Try letting the fresh, newness of spring and the adoption of a few of these habits start you on a path of inspiration and creativity that will not only lift your spirits, but propel your business.