5 Tips to Make Your Old Content Sparkly and New

You already have amazing content that is buried on your social media channels and in your blog.  It was amazing for a reason, so don’t let its light be obscured; instead, uncover that great content, reinvent and repurpose it, and let its little light shine.  

The first thing to do is spend an afternoon perusing your old content. Ask yourself, what is still relevant, informative, and engaging? Search the content for what did extremely well the first go around and that isn’t obsolete. Tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Insight can help you determine what content performed well and how you might want to change the SEO to get it seen. Once you have 10 pieces to work with, try adding a little elbow grease and spit shine (you don’t really have to spit on them) to make the old, new again.

Try these simple tips:

Tip 1: Grow Your Content Exponentially

Check to make sure you can’t take some of your content and break it into two or three pieces, add some paint and details, and turn one piece into three. For example your piece about organizing your office could turn into three more detailed pieces: 1) organizing one’s files, 2) feng shuiing your office layout, and 3) what is on your desk contributes to your productivity.

Tip 2: Channel Your Inner Copywriter

Take snippets from each old piece to create social media teasers/posts that give your audience helpful, simple, and quick bits of information and content. Be entertaining and clever, but don’t reinvent the wheel. It might just be a tiny excerpt on the power of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo on one’s wood floors. Take what is most engaging and important for your audience and give them a tidbit and the link to connect to the full content.

Tip 3: Add Visuals

Take some NEW photos that draw your audience in and make your old content fresh. Try taking the statistics in your copy and make them visual. Visme.co and Canva are fairly easy to use online apps for doing just that. Adding info graphics, drawings, or photos to your social media posts and blogs is a surefire way to make your content grow.

Tip 4: Makeover Mania

Take your blog content and turn it into something sparkly and new by making a podcast with the same content, (or turn those 100 blogs into an ebook), or maybe even a slideshare presentation is the way to go.  Just take all that amazing content and wrap it in a different package. You will not only re-engage your old and current audience but likely bring in some newbies who have an aversion to reading and a love for video.

Tip 5: Tap Into A New Channel

See if there is a need to tap into new social media channels. Are you on LinkedIn? What about Pinterest? Would it benefit you? If so, you don’t need to create all new content. Use the oldies but goodies to generate a new audience and fanbase on a new platform!

There are a plethora of ways to repurpose the content you have and make it fresh, new and a powerful tool for your business. Dig into the archives, get out that bucket of paint and make the old, new again.

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