Should you hire a social media management agency?

We have provided you with a number of resources on how to manage your own social media campaigns, and you have probably managed quite well on your own!  But, do you know how effectively your social marketing is impacting your business? Do you know how the social media platforms have changed since you started, and have you changed your campaigns and approaches to align with the changes?  Do you ponder the many uses of your time that are spent working on your own social media? Are you struggling to keep up with developing content, creating posts, and managing feedback and customer responses? Based on your answers to these questions, you may want to take a serious look at hiring a social media strategist to promote your business and brand, while you do what you were meant to do, run your business.

Are you keeping up?

Social media platform evolution is constant.  Keeping up with those changes and understanding how they affect your content, customer interactions, and the effectiveness of your campaigns can be a full-time job.  When you hire a social media manager, they will continue to track the changes to algorithms that are happening in the social media spaces as well as continually measure whether your campaigns are being effective.  They will be able to show you what is working and what isn’t and how to stay on top of current trends and move away from failing tactics.

What is your time worth?

Track the number of hours you are spending on your social media marketing campaign.  What could you be doing with the time that you save by delegating these tasks to an agency or marketing manager?  Sometimes the money you save by doing it yourself doesn’t actually save your company money. It’s quite possible that you are neglecting other important parts of your business in order to keep up with the marketing end of the business.  Put the numbers to paper so that you have concrete data on the amount of time and money you are putting into your campaign. Quite possibly, your time could be better spent growing your business in other ways, and it might even be wiser financially!

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

The many facets of a social media campaign can bog down the most organized individuals.  You have to continue to come up with content ideas, write the content, come up with clever posts, and most time consuming of all, is responding to your customer feedback and responses.  It is very easy to feel like you are drowning. A social media manager will handle all those aspects of your marketing campaign and more. Hiring them will be a much-needed life preserver and give you a chance to focus on what you love about your business (and maybe even allow you to sit back and smell the roses).

New and fresh

When you never see the business from others’ perspectives, sometimes your business, and its marketing practices can stagnate.  Hiring someone outside your business to handle your marketing may open your eyes to many unique and innovative approaches to building your brand on social media.  We all need a fresh set of eyes, ears, and ideas in order to grow, change, and innovate.  

While hiring a social media manager may initially cut into the bottom line of your business, it is likely that the benefits from their expertise will quickly put any financial questions to rest.  They will not only be on top of any changes to the platforms but will readily know how to adjust your campaign tactics to continue to build your brand and your bottom line! And the best part, the number of hours you will save can be put back into developing product, improving services, and maybe even some good old-fashioned R&R.

So, what do you think? Is it time to talk with an agency? Maybe it’s us. Cool, let us know - we’d be happy to chat. Schedule time with us here.