10 Ways to Engage With Your Audience on Social Media

If the first 10 content ideas from last week didn’t float your boat. We have 10 more for you to try this week!  

  1. Everyone needs something to celebrate.  Post a picture of a recent celebration at your place of business; maybe it is an employee’s birthday, maybe it is your dog’s birthday, whatever it is, take a pic and use it as a post to help your social media family get to know you and your brand better.  Better yet, post a picture of you with a big ‘thank you’ sign in celebration to all your wonderful customers and followers.

  2. Everyone loves a good inspirational quote.  It can be a word of wisdom from you or go ahead and quote that famous writer, actor, or historian.  If you can find quotes from people that are connected to your industry, all the better!

  3. A picture is worth a thousand words.  Go ahead and post a picture of one of your products or a customer receiving one of your services.  No words, just a pic! Subtle reminders without a heavy pitch make great social media content.

  4. Invite a guest to post on your site.  Don’t even give them an idea of what to post.  Just tell them that you want a fresh idea from them that is inspired by your brand.  It is pretty amazing what people will come up with.

  5. Remember those MadLibs fill in the blanks you use to do as a kid?  Have some fun and invite your followers to fill in the blank. Go along the lines of, “My favorite thing about  (your service or product) is _____________________.” “When I use (your product or service), I feel ___________________.”

  6. Statistics mean a lot to some people.  If you have found some impactful statistics regarding your industry or product.  Share it with your customers.

  7. Giveaways and contests are always great ways to engage your followers.  They don’t have to be huge and costly productions.  And, make sure that you share a picture of the winner!

  8. Try a guess what the picture is challenge.  Take a zoomed in photo of some product or something relevant to your brand, and then ask followers to make guesses as to what the product may be.

  9. Invite discussion!  Post a discussion question so that your followers can interact with one another.  Make it relevant to your products or services, or it can even be about something interesting that just gets people thinking and interacting with you and your brand.

  10. Get to know your customers.  People love talking about themselves, so ask them to share a picture of their pet, their favorite landmark, the best summer food.  Get to know them as well as allowing them to get to know you.

You are rockin’ social media, ultimately, because you want to boost your brand and your business.  There is no shame in that game. But, a positive biproduct and crucial element to building and keeping a strong customer base is all about building relationships.  Don’t stress about your content, just share you and your brand and give your customers the opportunity to do the same!